Different Photobooths For Hire – What Will You Choose?

Photobooths For Hire – Which is the latest?

At the heart of fun lies the chance of choosing and selecting. The more options you have the merrier, the old saying suggests. The power of choice lies in the hands of the consumer and the valued client who is in the hot pursuit of the best and unique photography experience. Hold your horses before hiring a photo booth.

In fact, a lot claim that theirs is a catch but if you are the wise you shall think otherwise. Must you have an eye to discern that distinctive one that stands among the rest so sink your teeth on the following veteran and newbie photobooths for hire:

  • Old School Photo Booth – You must let loose those creative juices sans the modern technology of GIFs, stamping, etc. Cumbersome to set up because the pack is bulky – wall, curtain, or panel.
  • The 360 Degree Photo Booth – gives you a panoramic shot but laborious to set up needing a ICT Nerd Junkie here.
  • GIF Generator – generates GIFs what else?
  • The Green Screen – the backdrop gives you a spellbinding computer generated forestry, ocean view, Hollywood Boulevard, out of the body Sci Fi feat etc. More so, C-O-S-T-L-Y!
  • The Slow Mo – Somewhat like that of the GIF but limits itself to that feature. Period.
  • The Hashtag Printer – Just because it is written across the advertisement page it prints whatever you drew to “hashtag” it is cost effective. Truth is, you just hired it for the printer.
Photobooths For Hire

Latest Photo Booth In Town – The Mirror

Is there something out there that mash ups all these features into one photo booth package? Modesty aside that even matches your hard earned savings for that event of yours?

Then you got yourself a versatile photo booth that is economical that acquiesce you a bountiful options for your pictures! Insert Matt Jefferies Entertainment latest Mirror Photobooths for hire, the hottest photo booth here in Melbourne!

In a sprint the latest Mirror Photo booth compared to others has a jam packed features such as the SMS for your photo sharing whenever and wherever, a body that be set up and mobilised with ease.

it comes as well with a screen made of ergonomic durable glass that boast of touch screen. It also has a work flow that could initiate GIFs, entertain with various games and promote socialisation even.

You can personalise your pictures by stamping emojis, signing your signature or write messages if you want to. You can also print as much pictures you like. Moreover, you can hire the mirror booth to any occasion may that be Birthdays, Christmas Parties, Corporate Events, Graduation Balls, Weddings etc.

And why keepsake prints from the Mirror Photo booth are important? Of course memories are priceless and those keepsake either embellish your coffee table, draw attention to your computer desktop where you manage to post it, that you could look at any time to reminisce those fun and nostalgic memories of your events.

If you are a timid newbie then fret no more because an onsite attendant will assist you in taking snapshots at the Mirror Photo booth.

Do not stare long enough on your computer screen email us or call us for that Mirror Photo booth booking and hire! We assure you that you would have an ultimate option you won’t regret!

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