Event Photo Booth – Telstra Group South East End of Year Celebration

Mirror Booth – #1 Event Photo Booth

When in Rome, particularly, Vatican’s Sistine Chapel ceiling no words could contain the fascination that one would catch a glimpse of Michelangelo Buonarroti’s “The Creation of Adam” fresco painting. And in its majestic sight there is nothing more marvelous than knowing and beholding God and man’s uncanny link to one another.

And speaking of unparalleled connections, there is an undisputed forerunner in the field of telecommunications and broadcasting. Telstra, who had accompanied each Australian in seeking the path to make the world not a far off place for everyone through Pre World War I introduction of the Telegraph until the dawn of live TV Broadcast system.  They are still the purveyor of Internet services and 4G technologies.

It was such a pleasure for us at Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne to be their choice Event Photo Booth Hire provider for undeniably we are now part of their long line of history. The said year-end party of Telstra South East was held at Cardinia Cultural Centre, Pakenham.

Mirror Booth Fun With Telsta Group South East Staff

Fittingly, the venue for all venues for its massive space and it houses more than artistic events and or viewings for students and people from the academe.  It is a Shangri-La for corporate events too just like this one for Telstra Group South East.

The event started out around 7:00 pm until 11:00 pm. There are around 90 plus guests (91) whose age ranges from twenty to fifty years of age. The Mirror Photo Booth style set up had gold frames, a red carpet, and gold bollards that had everybody left in awe.

Plus the members of the huge armada of employees of Telstra Group South East also receive digital copies of their photos sent via link that they could save and download. So just like telephone lines, pictures can also connect them with one another as well as their friends who want to catch up and be relevant to each other’s lives again.