Hire Photo Booth – Tamara and Ryan’s Engagement Wedding Party in Drouin

Mirror Booth – Hire Photo Booth

When in Drouin you can play golf or wander around but in Drouin you can find a piece of heaven on earth. We did and in the midst of the draft of rain that became a bit torrential, two angels found their long lost home in each others arms.

The peg of the story goes like this. Everyone was given the memo that it is an engagement party and nothing more out of the ordinary would happen that night. Except for a few shenanigans that maybe just maybe are just part and parcel of the proceedings.

The female protagonist by the name of Tamara alight from the car and as predicted or so everyone thought, Ryan the male counterpart awaits. But little do they know, the guests that is, they are in for the surprise of their lives!

A Surprise Wedding!

The unsuspecting guests have no idea that it was no longer scripted, the ceremony was actually for a wedding in the middle of an engagement. And yes the two protagonist nailed it!

At the back of the humble home a huge grazing table was set up and there was a marquee too. An acoustic singer was there and DJ Matt would rock the event with country music and party classics awaits them too!

And before the eleventh hour the surprise was unveiled! It all sunk in clearly now to them that all they have to do is to admit that after all the rain the inevitable has happened and they are now forever a part of it!

The night is young and no one wants to settle down because there are still a bunch of surprise coming their way.

The Mirror Photo Booth was set up. The guests loved the photo booth and that all guests’ photos were contained by the operator in an album – literally filled it. The backdrop was provided by the couple but set up was on us – rustic frame and white picket fences.

There was also a dry ice effect for the first dance of the couple that even more gave definition and highlight to the surprise rustic wedding theme!

A wedding like this will never be dampened by the rain or be ravaged by any cataclysmic circumstance because as in war, it is also fair in love no matter what and the latter will always prevail.