Hire Photobooth Or Hire A Roving Photographer

Hire Photobooth Mirror Booth and Event Photo Magnets by Matt Jefferies Entertainment

Positive thoughts pair that with visualisation are the potent ingredients of the recipe of Law of Attraction. You want to see that coming in your event right? We’ll emancipate you from worrisome labor pains of planning, listing the essentials of your events, rows of food tasting, hiring the consummate DJ, emcee, and event planner. How? Let us cover your photography needs through Matt Jefferies Entertainment.

This Mirror Photo booth will not draw flak instead reverse it because it has all you want in a photo booth! You fancy entertaining your guests? Usher them to the Mirror Photo Booth that is low maintenance because all you have to do is touch that screen to start the work flow that anyone could follow through! The setup could be style according to the theme or motif of your event. There are also fun games that engages everyone as well as emojis stamping that matches your mood. Furthermore, it has SMS feature that you could utilise to send your pictures and post it in social media.

Hire Photobooth

Roving Photographer With Photo Magnets

You want more option? We also have a professional photographer that could roam around to capture the details of your events! You don’t have to charge your DLSR and decide which f-stop or aperture, ISO or shutter to ensure awesome photos because that shall be predetermined by the photographer. Threatened by mob rule and startled by an impending stampede at the Mirror Photo booth? The photographer got your back and would not let you fall prey to FOMO! The photographer morphs your photos into photo magnets you could line on your fridge as a constant reminder of that fun night!

Well, there is no stopping to your package yet! Remember that you can hire both services: the Mirror Photo booth and the professional photographer for that amazing jovial event! Who else does it better when it comes to party frenzy? Your resident Melbourne DJ Matt and Matt Jefferies Entertainment! Have that positively charged event with us. No need for meditation while on a gravity defying hammock too! Hire photobooth and roving photographer with event photo magnets from Matt Jefferies Entertainment.

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