Melbourne Event Tips

You want to be the most entertaining host at your Melbourne event or party. One of the tip to make your party more special is to provide lots of entertainment for your attendees. With Melbourne DJ Matt and Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne, your guests are sure to have a good time and create some unforgettable memories. Here are our Melbourne Event Tips for you:

  • A picture is worth a thousand words

A photo booth is a marvellous way for your guests to have a good time while also creating a keepsake from the event they can have for years. With goofy accessories and colourful backgrounds, our photo booths are meant to be entertaining and lure people. Your guests will love the chance to be silly with one another. These are the exact photographs you want if it’s a private occasion. In an era where photographs are mostly limited to phone selfies, everyone will have lovely small memories. Guests will take their photos home and display them on their walls, fridge, or office desks for years to come, remembering your event.

  • Getting Guests to Participate

While dancing is an essential element of any gathering, selecting music and moving between songs may be difficult. You don’t want your visitors to be uncomfortable as they wait for the next music to play. Hiring a professional DJ will guarantee that the night’s music flows smoothly and consistently, allowing everyone to enjoy themselves on the dance floor. Our expert DJs understand how to captivate a crowd and read the room’s pulse. Your guests will have a blast bopping around the dance floor, building memories that will last a lifetime, thanks to our exciting and engaging playlists.


Our tips for your Melbourne Event will make it exceptional and unforgettable, whether you are getting married, having a business event, giving a birthday party for your child, or fundraising. Investing in a DJ and photo booth will transform your event from ordinary to outstanding, ensuring that your guests will recall it for years.


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Melbourne Event Tips