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A wedding is a significant milestone for a couple, and many others will be looking forward to celebrating it with them. So why not take your celebration a step further by having a photo booth set up for your wedding and the typical personal photos and professional photo studio albums? A photo booth is an excellent addition to any event, whether a small birthday party or a large family reunion. Having an actual printed copy of the images as a souvenir provides a memorable experience and keepsake after the event. Here are tips to follow if you want to set up a Melbourne Photo Booth the proper way.

Melbourne Photo Booth Set Up Tips

Think about where you want to put your photo booth.
The photo booth location should be visible but not too distracting from the main stage, where the bride, groom, and hosts will be throughout the night. It should ideally not be near the bar or the reception area, as there may be too many people in the queue, or people may be obstructing an entrance or exit. If you decide to put up the photo booth in a separate room, post signs or have your DJ or MC mention the photo booth and its location several times.

Make your photo layouts unique.
In terms of the printed photos and the number of persons allowed for each shoot, rented photo booths come in various sizes. Some rental businesses combine three to four handpicked photographs into a single image, while others can only print one, and even others only accept digital contributions. All three photo booth configurations are available! Wedding planners may also personalise their layouts with certain photo booth businesses to discover a bundle that suits their needs. The number of shots allowed for each shot, the frame, and the picture content is all considered. When comparing pricing amongst providers, keep this in mind to determine if the rental costs and photo booth configurations fulfil your requirements.

When Should You Promote Your Photo Booth?
If you want your visitors to start snapping photographs, you’ll need to let them know you have a photo booth. During extended wait times of your event, have your MC or DJ remind people that they may snap a photo in your photo booth. 

Determine the Best Photo Booth Setup
When choosing the location for your photo booth, make sure you have adequate room for both your guests and the booth operation. For example, rent a photo booth to accommodate three to five individuals to get more people in one shot. The queues to your photo booth will be shorter as a result, and more of your guests will be able to create memorable memories.

Traditional weddings have evolved from overly formal affairs to more contemporary and informal experiences. Although the event remains a significant milestone for the bride and groom, it has become new ways of catering to the guests through additions like mobile bars, various performing arts, and the photo booths. When arranging your wedding, make sure you’re catering to all of your guests simultaneously. Photo booths are a marvellous addition to any memorable event for this reason. Contact us to learn more about our photo booth and how we can assist you!


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