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True to its nature of providing you with the ethereal Wedding Day entertainment, Matt Jefferies Entertainment brings out the penultimate offering to your door step. Introducing the quintessential Melbourne Photobooth Mirror Booth that every one in Melbourne is gushing about.

In a nutshell what are the features of the Mirror Photo Booth? At a vantage point, it is the best photo booth for you as it produces high definition pictures. You will certainly be impress on real time images based on motions and gestures. Likewise, the touch-screen technology makes it easy to come by with for those who have penchant for selfies.

Voice Guidance

No complicated instructions but a witty voice guidance that tells you which function to click so you could cull the best customised themes for your Wedding, trade shows, corporate events, engagement parties, graduations, and fund raising. The Mirror has to blubber ”say cheese” and or “Cheers to that great photo” sing to you in a staccato manner while your pictures come alive in a snap of a finger.

Sign and Stamp Feature

You could edit or alter your photo upfront, take anything from stamping emojis to signing your name or company logo. Also, you could control the host of pictures you fancy through that animated funny voice over. You don’t need to employ an ambulant photographer to capture every detail of your event.

The Mirror Photo Booth also has a big selfie screen and high quality camera that could recompense and dispense grade photos. It could even accommodate you and horde of your friends in engaging fun games and encourages lively interactions.

Send Your Photo Via SMS

You could also share your pictures through SMS and gather round to print those unlimited photos. Furthermore, you could also recall photos that are not much of your liking and restart the Mirror Photo Booth to take another photo. Spread the word and don’t be tongue tied! Keep the Mirror Photo Booth on deck at your events and parties know that this one is a surefire showstopper.

Hooked on the Mirror Photo Booth? Hire Matt jefferies Entertainment Mirror Photo Booth to remove those event dead air. Replace them with oh so chic fiasco with your guests and friends. Call us or email us through what is posted here on your screen so we could collaborate with you on your much anticipated day.

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