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It is tasking to prepare a Wedding Ceremony and Reception these days and the cash register goes “cha-ching” all the time. You should have a list of to-dos to tick off like will it be a sit down, cocktail, rustic, or beach wedding? Where to receive the guests? Who sits next to guests one, two and so forth? Who would give the best shot in the flow of the program? Hire the band vocalist, your best friend, and mom? Contract the services of an emcee and a DJ? You are sweating it out but all that truly matters at the end of the day are bigger than your preparation. How to make a mark on your guests?

Firstly, let me tell you how it goes. Well with that hustle and bustle on your Wedding Reception your guests would have one thing on top of their heads. Expectations! Bear in mind that they are looking forward towards a night or day to remember not an event they would utterly forget and keep mum because it is inexplicably horrid and tad boring!

How to keep everyone hanging on their seats and keep them glued to your reception must you engage them to something that would keep them on their toes throughout your event! Introducing the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne hot off the press from Matt Jefferies Entertainment! Now for hire!

Why do you need to hire the Mirror Photo Booth? Why is it the best choice or amazing add on to your wedding among other Melbourne Photobooths?

The Mirror Photo Booth is a compendium of the good stuff like a custom layout just for your wedding, templates for workflow, a voice guidance technology, a treasure trove of emoji stamping and signature that equip the bride and groom to lay their personal touch on their pictures as well as the guests. It also has quirky cool countdowns, different style setup, a clear cut user-friendly interface and a whole lot more.

Break the ice and dispel the monotony by ushering your guests to the Mirror Photo Booth and score close to perfection photos! Uncover the rancor for competition as it also dish out interactive games, and add morsels of fun as you print photos as much as you want!

Make the Mirror Photo Booth your ally and best diversion! Fill your Wedding reception cocktail with a hip and spice and span addition to keep things going! Leave your anxiety behind and everything shall fall easily on their rightful places! The Mirror Photo Booth can accommodate a lone guest taking selfie or a bandwagon of 10-12 people at most for group selfies and it never wavers to make a huge impact.

You don’t have to resort to wishful thinking or cross your fingers several times to earn subliminal results! All you have to do is get through that line and talk to us! A small step could create a big difference to your Wedding! Guaranteed that your guests would not leave whining but instead eager and earnest to stay and enjoy the night!

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