The one comment we get told more than anything from our customers is that they just want their friends & family to have fun & for the dance floor to be kept full all night long by the Melbourne wedding DJ. Of course, awesome music is an absolute must to set the mood, but there are heaps of other things that can help keep the party going & ensure all your friends and family are having a blast.

Melbourne Wedding DJ That Reads The Crowd

It is a must that you hire a Melbourne wedding DJ that can read the crowd and know what to play to keep everyone on the dance floor mingling and having fun. A few tricks a DJ can use are to create conga lines and to hand out plastic maracas to everyone dancing for extra fun times. A good wedding DJ will have the experience to keep the fun going all night long. Need a wedding DJ Melbourne? Check out our Matt Jefferies Entertainment website for more information.

Roving Wedding Food

 The more time friends and family have to stand up, mingle and talk with each other, the more they are going to meet new people and generally be more sociable than if stuck in one given seat for the entire reception. Having roving entrees & even roving desserts can be a great way of keeping friends and family moving around and socialising. You could have staff circulating with plates of bite-sized foods, or even arrange for a few themed food stations your friends and family can go-between.

If you are not keen on having roving food, you could consider serving shared platters as entrees and maybe have an awesome dessert buffet, which will encourage a little more interaction and conversation than individually served plates.

Plan Your Formalities With Your Melbourne Wedding DJ

Without a doubt, 1 of the best tricks to get the wedding started is to do the formalities really early on in the wedding. This can be a fantastic way to save you heaps on having to pay the photographer & videographer to stay until the late hours to catch the whole wedding on video. Why not cut your cake right after your grand entrance, before you even sit down, for example?

Speeches early on is another way to speed things up and allow more time for guest mingling and dancing. 

Hire A Photo Booth Melbourne

With many different alternatives when it comes to photo booth hire Yarra Valley and Melbourne, how do you know what to pick. Our tip is to pick an interactive photo booth like the mirror photo booth Yarra Valley and Melbourne because it has many built-in options to make it more fun and have your guests entertained all night long. Mingling at a photo booth has become a trend at weddings with lots of people standing around chatting while watching friends and family get a photo taken. 

Use The Dancing On A Cloud Effect For The First Dance.

Dancing on a cloud effect or otherwise known as dry ice is the perfect way to create a little extra fun for you and your guests while getting some stunning photos, and for the couples that don’t like to dance, well it covers your feet.

To make it even more fun & interactive, get all the guests up and to for a square, circle or a line around the dance floor. Have the dry ice flowing inside the circle and cue the music for a really intermit moment. Guests will also love meeting new people and talking to others.

Sparkler Exits With Style

Sparkler exits are a great way to end the night and a great time for friends and family to have one last mingle with everyone. We talked about the cloud effect for the first dance in the last paragraph, well why not ask the DJ to bring a little extra dry ice and if you get a still night with no wind the cloud effect looks amazing with everyone having lit sparklers, and it is a very magical way to send off the happy couple. 

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