Melbourne Wedding Photo Booth – Mary and Sammy’s Wedding at Ballara Receptions

Mirror Booth – #1 Melbourne Wedding Photo Booth

Just like a flower blossoming at the bosom of a secret garden, Mary and Sammy’s love is in season. And in this paradise called Ballara Receptions was the wedding that sealed the love that conquered it all.

It was likely a wedding that is of a storybook kind, and a hundred and five guests, ages 2 to 90 years were there to witness a spellbinding feat of love.

No other place in Melbourne could ever be a perfect fit but Ballara Receptions – romantic, laid back and one with Mother Nature. With a sprawling garden, a beloved family of ducks, a chapel of its own and a connecting hall for dancing, merriment and events every size – big and small.

Alongside Art by I who took charge of the weaving of magical snippets of photography, we also put our acts together for the Mirror Photo Booth feat. Gold bollards, gold frames and a red carpet laid out to inspire that royalty feel for the guests taking their photos at the Mirror Photo Booth. Until 9:30 pm they enjoyed the many features of the Mirror Photo Booth – the very intelligible and easy to follow workflow, the hundreds of photos, emoji stamping and signing features, the pong games, screaming contests, and the built-in animations.

Photo Credit by Art by I

The first dance was even more fantasy-filled and ecstatic as Mary and Sammy waltz along in their first dance with our Dry Ice Effect. They were like royals cut out from a fairy tale as if they were Cinderella and her Prince Charming before the strike of Midnight.

And as the leaf of this event closes tonight, Sammy and Mary, however, shall initiate their life as husband and wife. And as for us, tomorrow is yet another day to make things happen for another couple on the wings.

Photo taken at the Mirror Photo Booth