Check Out Our Mirror Air Photo Booth Backdrops and Photo Layouts

We offer a range of backdrops to match your event style or theme.

We custom design your photo layout based on our existing layouts. Take a look at our Mirror Air Photo Booth print designs.


Photo Booth Backdrops

Have a quick look at our range of backdrops!

MIRROR AIR Booth Photo Printouts

Have a look at our range of photo layouts to choose from. We could easily put your names, brand logo or texts to personalise it for your event.


MJE Pastel Floral

MJE Watercolour Floral

MB Watercolour pastel

MB Luxury Diamonds

MB Blueberry Watercolour

MB Asian

FM 3H_Wedding Blue

MJE Rustic Floral

MJE Marble Floral

MB Pink Roses Floral

MB Little White Flowers Lights

MB Black_Pink

FM 3H_Wedding Purple

MJE Pink Roses

MJE Gold and Blue Floral Watercolour

MB Winter Flowers

MB Floral Geometric

MB Universal Elegance Gold

FM 3H_Wedding Pink

MJE Green Beige Floral

MJE Blue Watercolour

MB Video Game Over

MB Dark Purple Gold

MB Pink Wedding Background

FM 3H_Wedding Olive

MJE Aztec Gold Floral Frame

MJE Blue Beige Floral

MB Sunset

MB Classy Green Golden Leaves

MB Gold Geometric Flowers

FM 3H_Wedding Flowers_Gray

MJE Eucalyptus

MJE Yellow Purple Floral

MB Pastel Purple Flowers

MB Bride and Groom

MB Gold Glitter Green Leaf

FM 3H_Wedding Cartoon

Other Events

MB Valentines_day

MB Police Car

MB Mothers_Day_floral_silhouette

MB Animation_Snow-White

FM 3H_Marble

FM 3H_butterflies

MB Valentine_Love

MB Pirate_Map

MB James_bond_intro_red

MB Animation_Halloween-House

FM 3H_Gold Stars

FM 3H_Black and Gold

MB Valentine_Happy_Valentines_Day

MB Party_Western_Wanted

MB Hand_drawn_spring_pastel

MB 80s-3d-pacman-background

FM 3H_Ethnic

FM 3H_Birthday Stars

MB Tropical Summer Background

MB Party_Neon-Tropical

MB Comics_super_hero_silhouettes

FM 3H_Stripes

FM 3H_Party

FM 3H_Birthday Glitter

MB Donut_frame

MB Party_Modern_Vibrant

MB casino-background

FM 3H_Pink

FM 3H_Paint

FM 3H_Birthday Black

MB Sport_Basketball_Court

MB Party_Cartoon-Mermaid

MB Cartoon_Alice-in-wonderland

FM 3H_Pictures

FM 3H_Colors_Invert

FM 3H_Arrow

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