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Mirror photo booth Melbourne trends – Every couple has a dream to host a wedding reception filled with beautiful decorations, people dancing to awesome music, really yummy food and the best photo entertainment Melbourne. A wedding reception is a special day because it will be a one-time affair. For making the day memorable and splendid, couples save plenty of money to affording elegant and memorable decorations.   

But not everybody can plan a blissful and luxurious wedding reception. So, today we are here sharing with you some of our fun and amazing ideas to save money for creating a memorable wedding day without burning a hole in your pants pocket. Click here to check out our website.

Save Money on Wedding Decoration Melbourne

  • If you use white Christmas lights for decoration are simple and really elegant. The lighting adds heaps of peace and sophistication to any wedding reception venue. Lights are really easy to use and can be hung from any ceiling, around the dinner tables and the cake, or potted plants for making the reception appear like a twinkling sky in the evening.
  •  Using colourful and wide ribbons around the chairs and sofas helps in creating an impression of upmarket sittings. Ribbons help create colourful vibes & a bit of glamour.
  •  Lighting up the reception with hundreds of white candles is nothing more romantic than a dim reception room light that glows under the shadow of the setting sun.
  •  For a more beautiful and earthy decoration style, you may also have styled different varieties & colours of flowers around the entrance or inside. You may construct large flower balls that will look elegant, eye-catching & memorable. The flower displays that were made will also create a professional feel. The decorations can be done with silk flowers or order flowers from online or wholesale shops for saving cash.
  •  For engaging the audience and the guest, couples can also portray their pictures or make a wonderful video to have on display. Your video will be the best way to bring out some of your favourite pictures of yourself & your partner. This way, you both will enjoy your evening celebrity style. Your friends and family will be entertained within your budget & you will be able to relive your journey of how you met.

Adding A Touch Of DIY To Your Wedding Reception

  • Creating fun and interesting DIY’ weddings can be accomplished with the help of your friends and family. You, with the help of your friends’ squad, can create beautiful chandeliers for the wedding reception. Since they will not require any intricate work, making them on by yourself is a piece of cake. These handmade chandeliers will add a more of personal touch & delicate lighting. (Get ideas from Google and YouTube)
  • By getting rid of the idea of scented flowers, you can always go with the colours to your wedding reception décor with the help of balloons. This way, you will be giving the wedding reception a hint of fun & a bit of a romantic feel at the same time (and affordable too).
  • Opting for the vintage charm is always interesting and can be charming. Using colourful recycled origami paper decorations will give the wedding reception an interesting look without breaking the bank.

Having A Mindful Wedding Reception Theme

A couple will want to make sure that the wedding theme is fresh, elegant, and appropriate for you & your spouse-to-be. They will be able to pick up the themes that are very easy to create and a heap of fun to play, such as by the beach, rustic wedding theme, white and black or any other.

  • Selecting the very basic theme with elegant colours like white and black is inexpensive for both the couple because all your friends and family themselves will be the main decorations. The guest list may be divided accordingly. This will make ensure both of you save a lot of cash, and especially during this time (of COVID-19) because your friends and family may not be able to afford to buy a new outfit for the wedding reception.
  •  Seasonal holiday themes like Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Easter are some of the best and amazing and fun holidays that you may want to use to be experienced under the name of the big day. Seasonal themes are really easy to create & decorate. Adding colours & fancy decorations will help to catch the attention of your friends and family. This way you may make everybody experience love & joy all at the same time. For example, a wedding reception during the summer season may have a beach theme that includes shells & sand as centrepieces & candles with sand & shells around as the Bomboniere.
  •  Last but not least, wedding receptions may be made a bit more interesting & refreshing by setting an activity that you and your friends and family can do together. If you are having a themed wedding reception or just something simple, you may have games like ‘I Spy’ for the kids & the ‘bride vs groom’ something fun that will make you all laugh & something to remember your big day by.

Hiring a Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Trends

A wedding reception without fun photographs is something like a cake without yummy toppings. So, hire a mirror photo booth that will add a bit of creativity to the romantic atmosphere of your special day. Your friends and family can enjoy and create a lot of lasting memories by getting them involved in the fun photo booth. Nowadays, hiring photo booths in Melbourne is an easy task because it can be easily hired online.

Finally, having a memorable wedding reception is not as money demanding as it may have been hyped to be (not now or not in the future) because with little effort and some great DIY ideas, you may create the most romantic and sparkling evening for you and your friends and family.   

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