Photo booths at weddings are a popular trend and the most popular photo booth currently is the mirror photo booth Yarra Valley. This photo booth is a large mirror with a touch screen inside. You get to choose which frame you want on the outside so you can style it to match your wedding theme and it prints photos within seconds as well as sends you an SMS photo with a link to download your photo which is ready for social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest and so on. If you are planning a wedding and want to amaze your guests then keep reading for our five top trends for 2020.

Augmented Reality Mirror Photo Booth Yarra Valley

Augmented reality is the next big thing and for us it the most exciting and fun feature around. We have a few different experiences you can have at your wedding to add a little extra fun and a good talking point to guests. Our first experience is undead celebrities where we have 6 different celebrities which are in real life dead and we bring them back to life on our mirror photo booth. Stars like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Elvis and more make an appearance. Make a funny pose or do the serious shot as you stand next to your pick of character in live view mode and get your photo taken. Yes they are printed on the spot and sent straight to your phone.

Ho ho ho! Our second experience is the Santa augmented reality. Santa has landed and is ready to get his photo taken with you and your friends. We use a green screen to remove the normal background and put in a Christmas background so that it looks like you are in a real life like Christmas scene.

Our third experience is a little more spooky. Yes we are talking Halloween. We have five Halloween characters from a reaper, a scarecrow, a scary clown to name a few and a group shot experience with all of the characters in one photo. Much like the undead celebrities and the Santa ar experience your guests will have a blast when using this feature on our mirror photo booth Melbourne.

Photo Sent Straight To Your Phone

Yes you read correctly, you can now have your photo sent to your phone within seconds of putting your number into the mirror photo booth. Guests love this feature and are amazed that they can show their experience with their friends and family instantly. Having the photo on your phone means that you can share it to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap chat or which ever social media platform you are currently using. If you prefer we can swap out the photo to phone feature and add in the photo to e mail option, but to be honest the photo to phone feature is that popular that know body uses the e mail feature. We know, we have tried both.

Funky Mirror Photo Booth Yarra Valley Props

We have two ways of doing props, one being the real props that every photo booth has. We carry a selection of cheeky signs, themed sunglasses and other assortment of fun props for you and your guests to make use of. What we also offer is virtual props which can be added to your photo on our mirror photo booth Melbourne after the photo has been taken. The picture you just took appears on screen and you get to pick between a whole screen full of virtual hats, big eyes, glasses, jewellery and so on to place on your photo as you see fit. This feature create a real buzz with guests and generates many laughs along the way.

Sign And Stamp On The Mirror Photo Booth Yarra Valley

Everybody love adding their signature to the photo. It gives it a real Hollywood feel and is so easy to do. Simply take your photos using the mirror photo booth Melbourne and then straight after a black box appears which allows you to choose a neon colour and get your finger and sign your name. People often draw picture on the photo too and trust us, when we say we have seen it all, We have. What’s cool about this feature is you can also choose emoji’s to stamp on the final photo.

Giant Cardboard Cut Outs Of The Bride And Groom

Here is a wedding trend we see often at wedding receptions around Melbourne. The cardboard cut out of the bride and groom which features in many photos. We also see cardboard cut outs of pet dogs and cats too. These create a lot of fun and by the end of the night the couple cardboard cut out usually ends up on the dance floor.

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