Modern Mirror Photo Booth Yarra Valley - Why You Need One

Modern Mirror Photo Booth Yarra Valley – Why Your Wedding Reception Needs One.


Weddings may come and go, and you will make many memories, but the most important wedding is your own.

With one of our modern mirror photo booth Yarra Valley, we can ensure that your wedding is the most remembered of all your family and friends weddings.

Photography At Its Finest

At any wedding reception, you will greatly benefit from using one of our photo booths. Not only are they are tons of fun, but they help you capture the best moments of your wedding. 

Whether it is the drunkest guest or even somebody clueless about taking pictures, using a business-like Matt Jefferies Entertainment is easy and hassle-free. 

Unlimited Photo Entertainment 

If you are having trouble making your wedding entertaining, Matt Jefferies Entertainment can help you turn things around. Guests love capturing pictures together and sharing on Facebook, Instagram and their social media platforms or keeping with them as a memorable gift. 

Taking pictures also becomes an awesome conversation starter, and it helps your friends and family with a special photo memory and makes your wedding unforgettable. 

Additionally, if you hire one of our photo booths, you will not need to worry about capturing guests mingling because we do that for you. The photo booth from our range does all of the hard work for you, and it will easily draw in guests – particularly when you set up our custom made props nearby for your friends and family to wear or use during the photo session! Check out our range of photo booth Melbourne backdrops we offer you with the hire.

Photo Memories.

From these pictures, you can create a collage of fun memories, or even you can also send out a couple of copies to each guest who attended your wedding. This is an amazing way to thank your friends and family for coming to your wedding! We also give you access to all the digital photos after the event, making it easy to reprint any photo you desire.

Physical picture prints are a great way when decorated in the house or incorporated into a photo album for memories to reflect what an awesome time you had at the wedding. 

Matt Jefferies Entertainment Can Help

Looking to hire a more cost-effective photo booth hire in Melbourne, then photo booth around Yarra Valley – Matt Jefferies Entertainment can help you with your wedding entertainment. We are a business that loves helping you have the most fun at your wedding or event. 

With a fast, easy and stress-free setup, along with a range of other fun and convenient features like online galleries, custom props, guest photo album and our print and photo to phone feature, you will be very happy with our service.

You may take unlimited pictures and send them directly via text message to anybody’s phone. Booking one of our photo booth range is easy. Simply click on the link Yarra Valley photo booth for more information.