Mornington Peninsula Mirror Air Booth

Introducing the newest Mirror Air Booth for your event! It’s thinner, more contemporary, and more attractive than earlier types of mirror booths! Its magnificent 65-inch all-mirror design with a sophisticated RGBW LED light frame creates a wonderfully spectacular atmosphere. A fully interactive touch screen, the newest mirror booth software, a Canon DSLR camera, and two built-in strobe flashes meant to be flattering for anyone getting their photo shot are all included in the booth’s sophisticated appearance. This, along with our high-resolution printer, ensures that each image is simply gorgeous. To add a particular touch to your images, choose from a variety of filters and superb built-in animations. Traditional picture strips and Polaroid-style prints are also available.

What You will Get with Mirror Air Booth

  • Prints are readily available.

    Your pictures will be printed in about 12 seconds on our high-speed printer! You may take as many images as you like. For the length of the hire period, unlimited print sessions are available. All photographs are digitally copied in high definition.
    After the event, you will receive an access to our online album of all photo booth photographs.


  • Print customisation

    Choose from one of ready-made templates or have one created for you by our design team to complement the rest of your event.


  • Unrestricted social media posting

The photo may be sent or texted to you immediately via SMS link. It’s even possible to share it on Facebook!


  • A wide range of props is available.

We provide a large selection of props for every event.


  • A pleasant booth attendant

Throughout the duration of the event mirror air booth, a fully trained booth attendant will be present. Delivery, setup, and teardown are all included. To put up a basic setup, we’ll need around 90 minutes.

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