Open Air Photobooth Melbourne – Haulotte Staff Christmas Party at True South

Mirror Booth – #1 Open Air Photobooth Melbourne

It is no longer long shot and hauls to provide solutions for companies to access aerial lifting equipment for construction, logistics, people and material lifting needs. For these has been the cup of tea of Haulotte and its staff all throughout the roll of years.

It has been an able manufacturer and supplier and a global partner of companies across the country. And in some part of the world in meeting the facility, rental, and sales of aerial work platforms as well as the flexible acquisition of pre-owned ones.

And in this time of capping a successful year of trade, Haulotte opened its doors for us to be part of their annual Christmas Party at True South. True South renowned for its Argentinean style cuisine, Vegan and Vegetarian friendly menu as well as gluten free offerings is fondly a worthy venue.

Tapas, suckling roast pig, polenta, tuna taco and exquisite desserts are a mouthful at True South. Furthermore, the ambiance is cozy and laid back for everyone to just chill and have a good time with peers.

Mirror Booth Fun with Haulotte Staff

Haulotte also figuratively lifted our spirits for choosing the Mirror Booth as their Open Air Photobooth Melbourne provider for their Christmas Party. More so, the employees, guests and big wigs of the company were entertained by the mirror booth that is both light and designed for open spaces.

Much more, the guests of fifty whose ages range from thirty to fifty were unstoppable and did not shy from taking picture at our Open Air Photo Booth adorned only with a Gold frame specific for small place venues.

Undeniably, there is no stopping when it comes to providing you with soaring quality photography services with your Christmas Party through our Open Air Photobooth Melbourne for hire. And just like Haulotte and its staff acclimatized to offer extensive range of lifting equipment, we are flying high with you in our photo entertainment services.