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Short messaging service or SMS is the most sought after feature of each phone or laptop computer units as it connects every diverse humans on this planet. The trusty SMS has soared into more socially induced usage such as sharing of files and virtual reel lovers turned real couples exchange sweet thoughts. Also, an insatiable day book playroom of OOTDs, a vessel for events and gourmet dishes that steal the spotlight, and through SMS we have an opportune pry to the life of the rich and famous.

More than ever, SMS feature has been a part of the life style of people in various shapes and sizes, and walks of life because everyone is a netizen in the world wide web. Your sister may have an avatar of a warrior princess. You might be a budding freelance writer. Also, your mother a maven in the virtual kitchen of YouTube and your father a big wig in his own virtual company! But what if we inject SMS in a photo booth what else could happen? Awe inspiring!

Mirror Booth SMS Feature = FUN

What are the benefits of the Mirror Photo booth SMS feature? If you happen to be in a LDR or Long Distance Relationship and your beau happen to miss out the wedding of your common best friend you just touch that screen and have your picture!

Within five seconds scribble your contact number to the link and you may send that foxy blow air kisses image of yours to him! Atleast, he is still part of the festivity of the wedding even if he is miles away!

You want to put a smile across your mother’s face who happens to be in a different area in Australia or abroad? SMS her your photo with your siblings through the Party Photo Booths the Mirror Photo booth!

In fact, you are a stellar celebrity in your own Social Media Account. Post that picture immediately through SMS feature so followers could tag along online on what has been that occurred today and gamely let them click like to your photos. Meet and greet people through the exchange of pictures via SMS and surely you do not only take home a keepsake but win new friends! This is a phone and social media essential that could update everyone on what’s and next up on your party because they want to and be in the know!

The Mirror Photo booth of Matt Jefferies Entertainment drastically champions connectivity! Managing to keep the world at your grasp by maximising more avenues for in depth interaction! More photos to share and dozens memories to live by! Hire our Mirror Photo Booth with SMS feature so you just click, send, share and repeat the process! Key in our email or phone number so we could be all eyes and ears to your every well-defined needs!

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