Party Photobooths – Perfect For Birthday Parties

Oh I guess you would be prepping for that Birthday of yours or your loved one’s soon. And it is such a blessing to add another candle on your cake or theirs when that day comes. What else come to mind to capture those moments but through Party Photobooths? And who else have that as their cup of tea? Nothing and no one else but us here at Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne!

Recently, we have been booked for an eighteenth birthday should we say somewhat a debut or coming of age. It is not just an ordinary affair because people of all ages went by and had a good time.

Imagine how everyone love the rustic theme of the Mirror Photo Booth with different props, masks, sunstaches and other stuff that we brought along.

Party Photobooths For All Ages

Adults also had a fun-fare with the Mirror Photo Booth because it is so easy to operate with that quirky voice guidance. They also got animated with the varying layouts and themes. Furthermore, they work their hands with the emojis, stamping and signing features too.

Youngsters had something to brag about with their friends as they send through SMS and print copies of their personalised photos. They interact with one another through games such as Pong Games, Mannequin Contest, Tic-tac-toe, and Screaming games. At the very least they momentarily kept their phones and mingled with one another and that is through the Mirror Photo Booth.

Parents and children alike at the said birthday also had a time for bonding while exploring the multifaceted feature of our Mirror Photo Booth. Indeed, there are so many fun ways to celebrate a birthday.

It is a rarity that people come together and this is usually possible when there are birthdays. Let your guests, friends and relatives come together in one roof and have fond memories with them with the perfect Party Photobooths, the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne!