Photo Booth Hire – Halloween Theme

October 31st of every year that we breathe new life to tales of ghosts, ghouls and creatures of darkness. We shall conspire with them on Halloween or Hallows’ Event. In the evening, we unearth from our chests or dust clean our drawers to reach for those creepy, amusing, and sparkly costumes. Let us accompany you in front of our Mirror Photo Booth Hire and venture to the ritual of calling out to “Bloody Mary”.

Perhaps in that instance let us have you meet your mate in that hot guy dressed as Vlad the Impaler or his alter ego Dracula. Take a chance and take a snap shot with our Mirror Photo Booth!

Before Trick or tricking, souling , guising and munching on roasted nuts and candied apple as signs of good fortune, take Halloween themed photo with our Mirror Photo Booth. Send it to friends who are remotely having their Halloween Party elsewhere. Apple Bobbing with Jack-o-Lantern or Jack the Ripper? Capture that with the Mirror Photo Booth too without a sweat!

Halloween Event Will Never Be The Same With The Mirror Photo Booth Hire!

Have goose bumps with our interactive games, and have a horridly enchanting laugh like Frankenstein with your hideously cute photo prints that you could take home as memento before the clock strikes midnight!

We also have animal masks, sunstaches and other worldly props that relentlessly revive the dead from the corpse as they would think you are one of them!

Up your Halloween Party with us and know that we are not shy or intimidated by characters from urban legends or people dressed to kill. We are one with you in celebrating the time of the year when the line between the plain of the living and the realm of the dead is thinning out.

And if you think that is all we’ve got, book and hire our Mirror Photo Booth because we are not only Halloween Party ready. We are also for every occasion, theme or event that you could ever think of like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve among other. We will definitely make it fun for you! No witch laugh here but pure treats and enjoyment guaranteed!