Photo Booth Hire Yarra Valley – Things You Need To Know When Hiring Us

Mirror Photo Booth – # 1 Photo Booth Hire Yarra Valley

Although we have been a household name now at the heart of Yarra Valley we still are always enticingly oblige to present to you our best selves. And it matters to us that we know how our clients and future clienteles think so that we grow with them and provide superb service that is consistently excellent.

Here are some queries and thing you succinctly ought to know that we took upon ourselves to answer so that you, our patrons and clients, who are quite shy in asking be edified. In fact, we are volunteering the answers to your questions:

  • Does the mirror booth offers unlimited prints? 

Yes of course, you may have several rounds taking your photos as you walk in. Definitely, we have prepared for that because the Mirror Photo Booth could print as much as 2,000 photos. And if that is not enough we always back it up with photo paper and ink.

  • Does the mirror booth offers unlimited photos?

Indeed, and the photos are not limited to hard copies they could also be in soft copy format if you wish.

  • Does the mirror booth offers SMS feature without additional cost?

That is a given and part of the feature of  our Mirror Photo Booth and what’s good about it is that you not spare a dime or a cent to send your photo via email or SMS. Absolutely free of any charge!

  • Space requirements of the mirror booth

Our mirror booth dimensions are as follows: 1.5 m x 0.9 m x 0.45 m (L x W x D). Portable enough to transport, assemble and fit to any of your space requirement.

  • Do we offer cool props not the old fashioned traditional ones?

Always and always we see to it that our props are much related to your events and so we keep abreast with the latest trends or what the client’s theme is all about. So rest assured there is no mishap or mayhem going on with the props.

  • Group shots?

Yes that’s certainly all right to us! The mirror booth is in fact an open photo booth so that no one in the group or batch feel out of place or left behind. We believe in the old cliche “the more, the merrier.”

  • Cool animation and touch screen?

If that is the case, we are glad to tell you that cool animations are embedded in our photo booth software and that it has always been that lauded for that touch screen feature.

  • Digital prints after the event?

Yes we always have that covered and we don’t keep them to ourselves because we know memories are meant to be cherished and shared.

  • We don’t charge travel fee in Yarra Valley

Yes and that’s the beauty of our service we are not always after how much we gain but how many satisfied clients we have and friendships we forge at the end of the day.

Mirror Photo Booth Hire Yarra Valley – Perfect For Weddings Or Any Events

If these excite every vein or muscle in your system, convincingly you may hire us now for your most spectacular events at Yarra Valley. Contact us here for more information.

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