Photo Booth Melbourne Attendant: Why Do We Need Them?

Although it has been said that the Mirror Photo Booth is user friendly and has an intelligible work flow as a machine we cannot always say that it is self regulated. An attendant must be there to attend to guests who would like to take their photos but are taken aback by modern technology.

What are the duties and responsibilities of an attendant, specifically the Photo Booth Melbourne Attendant?
  • Explain the latent features of the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne so that the guests would be aware of stamping, signing ,emojis, themes, workflow and even games and printing options.
  • Answer the queries of guests and prospective clients at the event.
  • Set up and disassemble the Photo Booth before and after the event.
  • Check on the lights, photo paper supplies, and the proper functioning of the photo booth.
  • Prepare the backdrop, frames, props, bollards and the other stuff for the theme of the event where the photo booth is hired.
  • See to it that the props are suited for the occasion.
  • Clean the props, costumes etc. To make them presentable to guests.
  • Assist in the printing of photos and direct the number of pieces needed to be produced.
  • Install new ink cartridges (if runs out) and the printer to keep the printing process as smooth as possible.
  • Help out children and elderly people to take their photos. And lastly,
  • Make the whole experience as fascinating as possible for every one.

And most importantly, the attendant’s most important role is to be the face and the representative of the entertainment company. He just not man the photo booth but through his presence, his demeanor people would have an idea what’s in for them during the event and that what are the ideals and ethos of the people and agency he represents.

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