Photo Booth Melbourne Corporate Events – Mirror Booth

The Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne has graced a lot of corporate events in Melbourne as well as the CBD Area. With that said, it just proves that you could still have fun in your stilettos, tuxedos and black tie attire with a nod of applause from the CEOs and big wigs of the finest companies there in.

Here is a list of our ritzy and high ticket clients:
  • Mercedes Benz Brighton held their 2018 Christmas party at the Okie Dokie warehouse. We are ecstatic to be included as their photo booth entertainment.
  • Berreta Australia, the house of state of the art ammunition and related supplies has a top gun Christmas Party of finely crafted brews at Brownstone Brewery. All these are encapsulated with our nicely printed photos from our booth.
  • Melbourne Cricket Club said “ho,ho,ho”with us at the Captain Baxter’s swank rooftop of St. Kilda’s.
  • Wurth’s time to bring down the dowel, fasteners and screws at Okie Dokie as their crew and staff clown around and had fun with the Mirror Photo booth.
  • Epicure, one of the leading choice food caterer had their time off at the Zinc Federation Square. As they soak themselves with the view of the pretty sky line, they never shied away to strike a pose.
  • The Girls in Business Movement come together to just let their hair down and still have fun midst their Girls Networking at Tap 831 where everything is Social and of course with the ever present Mirror Photo Booth.
  • Melbourne Cricket Club commemorated ANZAC Day at the Melbourne Cricket Ground with a resounding cheer. No one could be prouder than Australians and New Zealanders alike whose forefathers marked the History Books with their show of valor and nationalism while fighting their cause at Gallipoli. And we, too are there to be a part of History as one of their official Mirror photo booth provider!

So if these great companies swore to trust us with their entertainment and photography needs, so can you! Hire our Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne now!

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