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There is a common notion that two heads are better than one and that even the Indigo Girls way back in the 90s enthused that there is a “Power of Two”. History had been a witness to duos that wielded so much power in their hands say Gaius Julius Caesar and his dear friend Mark Antony, one after the other with their respective triumvirates. Both entangled with a romantic liaison with the sultry Cleopatra in different timeline of their existence and span of the Roman Empire.

On other hand, in Contemporary Pop Culture and History there is the Birkin Bag thanks to that faithful encounter of Hermes and Jane Birkin. Also, there would be no superstar protege in the person of Rihanna without a Jay- Z Carter as her mentor. Indeed, there is something with the concurrence of two.

There too, a ringing sound of a duo that could have a sepulchral effect and satiety on your upcoming celebrations. May that be your corporate event, Wedding, etc. The repute Photo Booth Melbourne DJ service! This affable two are jubilant offerings to you brought by the cosset as well as leading events provider Matt Jefferies Entertainment.

DJ Plus Photo Booth Equals FREE Dry Ice Effect For Your First Dance

The DJ service of Matt Jefferies Entertainment lasts you five hours of paean worthy of lustrous playlist that keeps your guests dancing all night long in your reception with an idyllic partner, the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne. And there is more to this hypo static pair! A freebie of Dry Ice or Dancing on Cloud Effect. An unrivalled combo and money saver that is why it is one of the popular packages especially for couples on their Wedding Day.

The DJ entertains your guests through thorough paced mixing and playing of conglomerate song lists and requests. Reads the crowd with lively interactions with them while on the DJ Rig while they foxtrot on dreamy clumps of clouds courtesy of the Dry Ice or Dancing on Cloud Effect. Photo Booth Melbourne on the side provides a station for taking photographs that prints posh pictures that serves as keepsakes.

Harness now the super-able infallibleness of two the Photo Booth Melbourne and DJ Services and have a double shot of fun in your event through Matt Jefferies Entertainment.

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