Photo Booth Melbourne Fireworks – Our Premium Package 

If you have refine taste and a strong liking for the ostentatious and been in the fast lane then why not integrate that on your Wedding Day? A touch of sophisticated indoor fireworks and a lucent attraction like the Photo Booth are the sterling combo that could spill life on your special day. Nobody does it better but the suitably commendable and the alpha event and entertainment provider Matt Jefferies Entertainment.

Photo Booth Melbourne Fireworks Premium Package includes safe indoor fireworks to literally put that glint on your first dance. This also adds splendor to your entrance and grand exit.

On the other hand, Photo Booth Melbourne gives you that glistening fixture and source of entertainment to your guest. Definitely, a best tool to keep them socialising through fun screaming game. It also includes pong game, tic-ta-toe and a whole lot more. We also provide an attendant that helps manage the workflow of the photo booth. Furthermore, an attendant assist the printing for your sparkling pretty pictures.

Perfect Entertainment Combination

Our safe indoor fireworks is guaranteed safe for indoor exhibitions. Our personnel also utilizes patented Sparkular machines that are designed for Indoor Fireworks display. They do not emit so much heat. It is certainly a good combination for your grand entrance and exit as it would prevent strays from injuring anyone even its handler. You can actually touch the sparks without frying your hands unlike others that goes at an utmost 120 degrees.

It is second nature to us here at Matt Jefferies Entertainment that among other things, we envision and enact our mission to provide top of the line entertainment for couples on their special day. We weave through the intricacies of your event. We provide you top shelf quality and share your love for the good stuff. Also, we value forging amity and amicable relations with you, our clients beyond any monetary gains. In fact, seeing you content and stress-free on your wedding day is the grandest gift and reward we can bestow ourselves.

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