Photo Booth Melbourne Operators – Importance Of Having Them

Here at Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne, we want to make sure everything runs smoothly at your wedding reception. Every booking we have, we make sure that an operator is present for the duration of the wedding reception.

The photo booth attendant has a lot things to do in preparing the photo booth and we ensure all our photo booth attendants are there early. We also need to ensure that setup is complete before the reception starts. Our photo booth attendants deliver and pack up the mirror photo booth and then set it up. At the end of the night as soon as the reception ends, the attendant will pack it up and take it home.

Additional Responsibilities Of An Operator

Firstly, he needs to connect all the cords and pieces, clean the mirror and focus the camera for quality photos. He will also help guide the guests on how to use it. The operator instructs guests where to stand for the best photo experience. He even encourages guests to make funny faces, do silly poses or make use of our range of photo booth props.

The operator is also there to make sure that if the printer runs out of paper or ink, it can be change quickly and have it back up and running in no time. While the printer ink and paper is being changed, the photo booth can still be used. However, you will have to come back about five minutes later for the print outs.

The mirror photo booth runs with a computer inside. Like any computer things, it can go wrong and the trained attendant can fix it on the spot. However, if it is a software issue we can dial into the team at Fotomaster who created the software and get quick 24 hour support to ensure the mirror photo booth is running again in no time.

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