Photo Booth Melbourne Packages – Summary Of Our Services

You know you want it, the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne! So there is no will apprehend you from booking us a hire now! Why, because you have seen how a flock of people loved it during their corporate events, weddings, Graduation balls etc. And how you wish you have your piece of that photo souvenirs that you have seen from a relative or friend who had a grand time with it! Sigh, how you yearn to be there and that in your next party as well bag it for your guests so could have something to brag about. Well then, so are to entirely convince you all the more let us give you an intimate idea what our Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Packages is all about:

  • Unlimited Photos

Either way, you do the printing yourself or an attendant, you have a command of the Mirror Photo Booth to print as many hard copies you want you would never ran out of photos anyway for that 5 hour service.

  • SMS Galore 

Send your pictures to yourself or your Social Media Account or to anyone special to you and to let them know you are still alive and kicking.  Or you miss them a good way to subtly tell them you are having a good time.

  • Digital Copies

Guaranteed that you will receive the digital copies of the photos after the event.

  • Digital Signing and Stamping Feature

When you want to introduce your company logo or trademark you have a way with that with the Mirror Photo Booth. Additionally, if you just want to give your guests a personalised touch of your photo souvenirs you can do also take advantage of that function.

  • Guest Book 

You can show appreciation through your tear jerker message through their guest book. Or as a couple, you will be happy reading those messages from your guest.

  • Customisation of Photo Lay Out

We design your photo layout with the themes you like with your particular event.

  • A Choice Of Formal And Rustic Set up

You could choose among the feel of your event like a red carpet and gold bollards, black, silver, gold frame if you fancy that or white picket fences, grass carpet for a rustic look or mix an match everything.

  • Cool premium props

Props are provided like sunstaches, cool sign props, superhero masks and more.

  • Games

Screaming Contest, Mannequin Contest, Pong Games, Tic-tac-toe etc.

  • Set Up

Easy to mobilise, breezy set up because it is not bulky and could be packed up and stored easily.

Go to our website now if you had your reading done and have our Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne in your event. Definitely, asking for quotation is free and know that our package could also be fitted to your own needs. Avail freebies and discounts on the DJ/MC Services, Dry Ice Effect, Roving Professional Photographer with Photo Magnets, Photo Mosaics etc. We are giddy and filled with excitement to hear from you.

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