Photo Booth Melbourne Poses – Fun and Laughter With The Mirror Booth

It is no surprise that everybody loves to have their picture taken because it captures the memories of a certain event. Even so for children and those who are kids at heart it is an amusing way to show off that less serious side of yourself and loosen up a bit sometimes.

And so the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne has crates and stashes of superhero masks, superhero sunglasses, superhero props to choose from so you could play pretend as if it is child’s play and fun fare once again as you channel that sleeping hero in you!

You could also get a little creative if you are shy to pluck out sunstaches or props. How? Why not make silly faces in front of the Mirror Photo Booth! What are the silly faces you could do anyway?

Here are some of Photo Booth Melbourne Poses and the emotions they convey:
  • Duck Face is the most common and it gives you a subtle hint of funny and not so sexy vibe.
  • The Devilish Side Tongue out Face this is difficult to give meaning to but every time we see one it makes us think of naughtiness.
  • Fish face if gold fishes are your things suck up your cheeks and pout a bit.
  • Extreme Tongue Out it is like catching someone’s attention across the room.
  • Cross eyed seems your focusing on something.
  • Bug eyed if you just want to weird out someone go ahead and strike a pose.
  • Cupping and cradling one’s face the look of being overwhelmed.

If you are the experimental type there are still a lot to do with your face, just let go and just be silly and don’t forget to smile in front of the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne to complete the experience.

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