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Three Things To Look Out For When Renting A Matt Jefferies Entertainment Photo Booth Melbourne & Yarra Valley!

I guess you are in the market to hire a photo booth Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges or Mornington Peninsula wide for your wedding or event, right…? I guess. Otherwise, you would not be on our website

 You are probably thinking to yourself, how hard can it be to choose a photo booth company to go within Melbourne? They all have a camera & take photos, don’t they? All that really does not change between different suppliers is cost, and why not just go for the cheapest? This could not be far enough from the real truth.

Different photo booth businesses can vary so much and all in different areas, and this is very important to note because this changes the quality of the product you are hiring so so much! These areas to be mindful of are things like professionalism, experience, reliability & the quality of photos – Remember, not all the photo booth businesses are doing this as a full-time role.

 To make things easier for everyone, the Matt Jefferies team have put together three important things to look for when considering hiring a photo booth business:

 Do The Homework – Check The Business Out Online – Photo Booth Melbourne & Yarra Valley

We like to advise everyone to check out the businesses you are looking at hiring on Facebook & Google & ask yourself these questions:Do the Google and Facebook reviews make sense? Are the reviews gathered over a big period of time? Because believe it or don’t believe it, you can actually buy reviews online.

 If you can not confirm any of the above questions, I’d suggest this business may not be reliable, nor is it professional at all, and I would be careful. We get telephone calls all the time because the company they went with has not shown or they cancelled at the very last hour, and then we come and save the day.

 Inclusions – What’s Included In The Price?

 Do not assume everything is included in the businesses standard price. Most photo booth Melbourne suppliers will try and cut costs by excluding things in the “standard” cost price. This makes them look more affordable, & therefore, people book them to only find out in the end that they need to pay more because they need to buy all the additional extras. These are the things you will want with the photo booth hire:

 Guest Album – Check how many pages & the quality of the album.

Unlimited Prints – Do they really mean unlimited prints or unlimited pictures?

Attendant – Does an attendant stay & help for the entire event?

Set-up & Pack-up – Is this outside the actual hire time because you do not want it to use up your time to use the photo booth Melbourne.

Props – Make sure lots of props are included if you would like them. If you do need them, make sure they are made of the quality material & not made from paper or cardboard.

Choosing of Backdrop – Do you get a selection, or do you need to pay an additional fee to swap?

Delivery/Travel – Is there a travel cost included? 

The good news is that we throw everything you will need in our highly affordable photo booth Melbourne packages. 

 Photo Quality – Photo Booth Melbourne & Yarra Valley

 From talking with many people at wedding expos, everyone’s main concern is the quality of the output from a mirror photo booth. So many brides have had such bad experiences with other businesses – Mainly because after their wedding or event, they received their images and the quality was poor & they had been tricked by “stock pictures” online.

 All our roaming and mirror photo booth Melbourne use high-quality Canon DSLR cameras or top line I Pads which capture all your photos in high resolution. Feel free to take a look at our client galleries and enquire with Matt Jefferies Entertainment- Click here