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 Mirror Booth – Photo Booths For Hire Melbourne

Midst the Yarra River from Flinders, Spencer, Spring Streets and to the Victoria Market buzzes from its glorious bastion where a multiracial people go about their daily routine. An enormous line of office spaces, home for companies, business lanes, restaurants, shopping centers and parks await you. A resplendent place where business and pleasure co mingle.

Melbourne CBD has also been a mecca for corporate events of different kinds. The place is awake and its heart is throbbing for Product Launching, Sit down Dinners, Seminars and Workshops, Appreciation Nights, Foundation Day Celebrations, Corporate Parties, Conferences, seasonal events such as Christmas parties among others. Corporate events are the cake but where’s the icing and glaze on top of it? Corporate events are livelier with the decadent Mirror Photo booth as an addition!

Mirror Booth – Latest Corporate Event Trend

This 2019 and years to come Mirror Photo Booths For Hire Melbourne is not just a fad. It has a fast rising following and is popular because as corporate events are slated quickly in Melbourne CBD companies need a tool that could be abreast with the hasty yet effective tool to entertain the crowd.

Keep them moving through good social exchanges and the Mirror Photo Booth has been designed for that. As speedy as quick balls of fire, it ignites the fun among those that attend corporate events because of its game features, screaming contests among others that engenders the competitive spirits of everyone.

The Mirror Photo booth could be the life of your seasonal parties too. Who does not love photo booth during Christmas Parties? It is a season for giving and also a season for sharing those Christmas themed photos!

The Mirror Booth And Its Fun Features

Participants may not have the luxury of time to take photos but the Mirror Photo booth could remedy that through fast printing, and a work flow that is easy to follow as well. It has emojis stamping, and you could sign your pictures or incorporate your company logo so that audience, guests, ad participant could easily recall that fun they had on your corporate event. It has SMS feature that you could easily pass on those nifty photos to your colleagues or boss. Have a new business partner? Have a fresh start while taking photos through the Mirror Photo booth!

All these Mirror Photo booth experience invigorates the life blood of corporate events that’s why the Mirror Photo booth hire are booking fast!

Matt Jefferies Entertainment are as busy as a bee in providing such service to corporate events but we will see to it that we are still all out to you! Photo booth hire are selling like hot cakes so have booking right now even if your event is millennium away! Rise up from that couch or roll out right now while seating on your movable office chair and give us an email or call! We are so elated to give you that Mirror Photo booth experience to underscore your corporate events!

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