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All our Mirror Photo Booth hires come with an event host. What is an event host then?

First and foremost, an event host is an attendant that stays for 5 hours of your event or wedding. The event host job starts by setting up the mirror photobooth and making sure that all props are ready.

Our mirror photo booth presents well because of our event host. The event host checks the photo booth if it is working. Additionally, he or she will make sure that the camera is ready and focus for high quality photos.

Job Of An Event Host

Being an event host operating a photo booth is harder than you might think. The host will arrive 2 hours early to your event and discuss with your event planner about the best spot to setup. Keep in mind that we have to consider things like how much space we can use as some venues have little space. We also have to consider where the sun light is coming into the room as this can affect the photos. Lastly, of course we determine the best possible spot to get your guests to use and enjoy the photo booth as much as possible.

Throughout the evening the event host will encourage your guests to stick a copy of the photo in the guest album and write a message. Moreover, the event host will also keep tidying up the props all night to be available for the next person.

An event host will also fix any printer issues such as ink running out or paper running out if needed. In addition, the event host will interact with guests and show them how to use the mirror photo booth and encourage them to do silly and funny poses.

Furthermore, the event host will also guide people on where to stand to get the best photo and will hand out copies of the photo once printing is finished. Our event hosts also pack up after the event is finished and make sure before you leave that you have your guest book with you to take home. Packing up the mirror photo booth can take between 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the venue and the process you have to go through to load in and out.

Professional and Skilled

Our event host is highly professional when it comes to adjusting camera settings, mirror booth set up and very courteous in interacting with guests. With Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne, we guarantee our clients that they will have the best Photo Booths For Hire in Melbourne at their event!

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