Photobooth For Hire Melbourne – Mark and Tayla’s Wedding at Goona Warra Vineyard

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Nassim Nicholas Taleb is the proponent of the Black Swan Theory, and if layman’s term be used to explain this would go back to what we watched; a South east Asian flick from of course not the Black Swan whereby Natalie Portman was top billed. There, a man by the name of Sid ctto Sid and Aya the said movie, recounts of a certain phenomena from a book he is reading about business that it is a rarity to have “black swan” say a sudden spurt in business, an unexpected encounter etc.

Black swans do happen, in fact we have been enlightened they do exist! May it not be in Odette’s story the Swan Lake but here in Australia it is a place. A resting place of the black swan – Goona Warra. Not Coona Warra for “honey suckle” now not only a “Camelot” or nestling ground for a legendary, elusive black swan but a venue for exceptional weddings!

A Lovely Wedding At Goona Warra Vineyard

Mark and Tayla were the lucky ones to have it as their wedding reception. Goona Warra Vineyard – an undoubted black swan on its own. Housing the providers of the most delectable food and the best internationally certified wines in the region where microclimate prevails served to the couple and the guest throughout the night.

We, at Mirror Photobooth For Hire Melbourne, had been there to capture every detail of the reception from start to finish. There were seventy to eighty guests in all that ages from eighteen to sixty five years of age. The wedding is unique as the black swan phenomena that guests gather round to enjoy our photo booth.

Our Mirror Booth set up comprise of gold bollards, gold frame and red carpet. Furthermore, the couple had it amplified too with their personal provision and choice of a flower wall backdrop placed in front of the mirror booth. An album was also part of the wedding experience where guests could sign in and digital photos were sent via link.

If by any chance, lightning strike twice or more we would like to be a part of your wedding too at Goona Warra or wherever you fancy and make your wedding the Black Swan of the year or the century if you will.