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Whoever thought that the classy and the shabby chic could meld together? Rustic Weddings are all but the union of two different concepts that unexpectedly complement each other. It may be classified into turning the knot so aesthetically refined into something eye-catching to personalised themes.

Why do a lot of couples swear by these “in” thing they call as Rustic Wedding here in Melbourne? And would remain a frenzy from this year on 2019 or even until 2020s?

Firstly, couples are aiming for that out of the box experience not bounded by the confines of the traditional and methodical wedding that is why Rustic Weddings are popular these days. It is an exodus and a sojourn from the exuberant and costly to the economical and eco friendly that only entails a pinch of imagination, a dash of creativity, and a spray of ingenuity causing lesser room for clutter.

Rustic Weddings are opportune times for the couple to pull out their sleeves, their true selves and their personality. And most notably Rustic Weddings give premium to the welfare of Mother Nature and leaving fewer imprints on her domain.

Rustic Wedding Setup With The Mirror Booth

Rustic Weddings could turn wildly up a notch and would not hurt a little with an amazing add-on. Mother Nature would not be irked by the astute Mirror Photo Booth to your Rustic Wedding. As it will not dampen the mood and stifle the motif of your wedding reception but enhance its hypnotic and prismatic vibe through its featured Mirror Photo Booth with adjoining white picket fences, rustic backdrop, and rustic frame.

No need for any scientific evaluation because its prepping time would not entail the exaggerated emission of awful green house gases, no fumes and no grease of course! You’ll leave your venue with only two things – one the memories that you wrought and two your footprints. No wastage even of photo paper because you can command the Mirror Photo Booth to give you options how much picture you want to print! Also, no light wattage that could cost you a fortune! No unsightly adverse effect or menace on the trees, birds and the bees! Just clean fun that would not wreck havoc on Mother Nature!

Fixated on the screen or phone and still hesitating? Do not chicken out because the consultation is for free!

Hire our Rustic Mirror Photo Booth and it will surely give more fun to your rock solid Rustic Wedding! Call us or email us whichever mode you like and you have your Rustic Wedding and Mirror Photo Booth that even wildlife warriors could give a two thumbs up!

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