Photobooth – Things To Know When Hiring A Photo Booth

Having an event means that you have to look for the perfect venue, provide them with delicious food and have some entertainment for your guests. There are lots of choices of entertainment especially in Melbourne. With that said, providing a photobooth for your upcoming event is a must have.

Why is that? Because people love to take photos whether they post it in social media or just have a keepsake memory. That’s when photo booths gain popularity amongst any events.

With all the photobooth companies popping up, what are things that you need to know when hiring one?

  • Does the photo booth company provide the best customer service?

    • Customer service is important as it reflects the company you are hiring. Other questions that you need to ask before booking is that are they able to reply in a fast, friendly and professional manner? Do they answer each and every questions you have for them?
  • Does the photo booth company have good reviews?

    • Reviews are very important whether its from Facebook or Google. It reflects on how the company provide their customers in terms of service. Are there a lot of happy clients that would recommend this photo booth company? Are they reliable?
  • Is the photo booth itself latest and has fun features?

    • As previously mentioned, there are lots of photo booth to choose from. But who is the best among the rest? Is it an old-fashioned photo booth or the latest technology in all photo booths? The photo booth can make or break your event.
  • Do you receive digital photos after?

    • Other photo booths doesn’t provide digital photos after the event. The digital photos are very important for keepsake memory as well. They are a reminder of how your guests had fun on your event.
  • Do they provide albums for guests to sign on? Is the company provides unlimited copies and use of the photo booth for that hour duration?

    • Most companies has limited prints. While other companies do not provide albums or its an additional payment. Make sure that they provide the best service.

These are just some questions you ask yourself when hiring a photo booth.

After all, you want to have the best service and best photobooth for your special day or event.

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