Photobooths For Hire Melbourne – Natalya and Joshua’s Wedding

at Josephine’s Restaurant at the Briars

Mirror Booth – Photobooths For Hire Melbourne

If there is a place out there that people thinks on your behalf how to enjoy good company, food, conversation despite the kids are around the fact that you are hosting an event just like a wedding, what would it be? Rather, where would it be? Are there any?

Where else but Josephine’s Restaurant at the Briars, and we have a golden ticket to a wedding held there. It is better than Willie Wonka’s golden ticket and we are at the right place at the right time because adults and young children alike were all out in the partying.

We helped them loosen up with our Mirror Photo Booth and the place, Josephine’s Restaurant and us have been a dream team that day for the kids.

Kids Love The Mirror Booth

They allow for kids menus other that the refreshing ambiance, the joyful stroll after the feast, gluten-free , vegetarian friendly offerings and large group accommodation. Kids literally as they claim and true to their words could let off steam while adults have fun.

We on one hand prevented any probable outbursts and flying off the handle series of tantrums through our Mirror Photo Booth.

Though dressed to kill with red carpet, gold bollards, and gold frame kids love and adore the Mirror Photo Booth because of the tons of props it has in stored for them.

Natalya and Joshua’s wedding could never be this solemn but fun because they chose the right place for their wedding and at the same time keeping the kids at their best behavior by letting them be kids and have fun with the Mirror Photo Booth has been a good option for them.

It is a win-win event for the adults and young alike and thanks to Natalya and Joshua for trusting us, the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne team at Matt Jefferies Entertainment.

We are also both happy to serve and witness to your precious weddings and milestones.