Popular Photo Booth Melbourne

Mirror Booth is one of the Popular Photo Booth Melbourne at every event!

If it were the golden apple the most coveted prize to Hera, Aphrodite and Athena that made the rounds in Literature. Profoundly to be one of the popular photo booths in Melbourne is reason enough to keep us going. And if Snow white is the fairest of them all in children’s fairy tales she could have not carry on if not for the magic mirror that gregariously said so.

To us, the numerous adulation from patrons and wedding couples feels make us feel like we are on top of the world. That is enough validation to let us do what we love to do and that is to deliver to you irreproachable photography services.

Why is the Mirror Photo Booth dubbed as the Magic Mirror?

Well if it where the Middle Ages, still technology was called then magic. But in this case the Mirror Photo Booth has an oodles of features that unbelievable contain in one unit. Features like games there are plenty like Pong Games, mannequin Challenge, and scream challenge. Also, animations combine with sprightly voice guidance and stamping and signing to make your photos amazing as it is.

And if that isn’t enough call it “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” because indeed you can choose your photo. Choose the best once where you think you’ll be the fairest and snappily print them or send them via SMS so long as you wish.

However, there is no popping Ms. or Mrs. Fairy God Mother because when we say you’ll have an awesome experience… You would not need any superfluous incantations or a swish of an awesome magic wand. You just tap onto its touch screen and an intelligible work flow will present out to you to make your vanity photo wishes come true.

With that said, no more wishful thinking and no arduous journey to the moon and back because the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne for hire is ready for your bookings now. Combine the best photo booth experience with our professional DJ in the mix and you will have the best of both worlds!