Product Launch Melbourne

Product Launch Melbourne – 10 Tips on How to Launch Your New Product With a Bang!

Prior to consumers wander off and pick out and add to cart service or a product of their liking, a vendor must be adept of the ways how their offering must be the most delectable one to be handpicked.

It begins with a product or service launch and to nail this process means everything! As colossal companies say, the market is “boisterous” enough so how to create not just a faint thud but a massively loud bang? Let us count the ways:

  • This is cliché, but it all starts with thorough preparation

Cop a foolproof marketing plan that includes consumer’s needs, interests and solutions to their problems. Also employ the A-Team for strategic planning, research that includes how to initially identify the “market”, data gathering and interpreting and expert adherence to the pulse of the consumers.

  • Test the Waters 

Reserve a month or two communicating with prospective consumers or clients. Gradually introduce the product or service to them like a sneak peek preview of a movie. Tickle their imagination and see how they respond to the various stimuli fed to them.

  • Define that wow factor 

Seduce the consumers or clients to the one or more stuff they would miss out if they had not known the product or service.

  • Lure them into the thinking that this is what they yearn for 

Indulge the senses and specify what one-of-a-kind experience they would have in buying the product or service that this is what they have been looking for all along and elicits all their varied emotions. 

  • Face It! 

Know who people follow and take the word for, make that person the brand ambassador and poster girl or boy for the campaign.

  • Work Smart 

No need to toil long and hard but do it as efficient without splurging too much. Like a trusted photo booth that can work wonders like a Mirror or Pylon Photo Booth. Set up one and create a layout that manages and delivers the message across, catchphrase and hashtags to patrons and consumers that could be sent through SMS, MMS and emails, and printed too.


Product Launch Melbourne


  • No leaflets and posters 

Change the game and do the advertising with freebie photo fridge magnets that do the work. Let the photos be the subject people in their social media accounts by means of sending them via SMS, MMS, email etc.

  • An all-night party 

Throw a bash intended to launch the product and hire a Pylon or Mirror Booth that integrates into the photo layout that features the brand name of the product or service for instant name recognition. 

  • Take advantage of” Virality.” 

Make a buzz through augmented reality of the product or green screen feature of it seen in photographs shot through a Mirror or Pylon Photo Booth. Make them viral hits!

  • Live stream the product launch 

Podcast it or have as many likes and streams. While it runs, have a photographer roam and later transform photos into Photo Mosaic Wall, selfie wifi or graffiti walls featured.

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