School Formal Photo Booth

Fabulous outfits, private transportation, flowers from spit-and-shined escorts, and mom’s pictures will all be there. When you arrive at the school formal, the professional photographer will be there to snap the perfectly positioned, undoubtedly stiff-looking photo, and you may or may not have your phones with you (although not many dresses have pockets, so maybe not.) Regardless, school formal night calls for a mirror photo booth.

Yes, additional photos are necessary for addition to the static photos taken as you depart and the professional images intended for displaying on your parents’ mantels. That’s where the Mirror photo booth comes in. This is where you may include your closest friends – even one at a time – in your images. You are now free to be your naturally goofy self, complete with a moustache. Instead of being terrified of the person you’re with, you might suddenly pretend to appreciate them. Also, because it’s impossible to tell with your arm in that awkward position, holding the phone or even the selfie stick, you can now check if the posture you’ve been practising looks as good as you thought it would.

You may create an event album with the Mirror Photo Booth. You may use social media to share your favourite images with first-year students to remind them that there is something to look forward to. In addition, it can be used to prove to your sceptical father that you attended school formal.

Make a mirror photo booth reservation if you’re on the school formal committee. Allowing dead phones or awkward arm shots to ruin your night or memories is not an option! A Magic Mirror Photo Booth is a fantastic way to record memorable prom moments for you and your pals.

Schools are out, so let your hair down, get some props from our vast assortment, and take fantastic pictures of your evening. A photo booth is a terrific option for fun selfies with your pals if you don’t like formal shots.

Our photo booths have gone to many events and have always been a huge hit!



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