Team Building Melbourne

Team Building Melbourne – Don’t forget to include Photo Entertainment!

Team building activities are stereotyped as relaxation or play activities, but a lot of corporate people seem to miss out on its true nature and purpose. 

Meeting deadlines, the accomplishment of piles of paper works and of course, the display of competitive streaks at times proper communication fails and stress levels are soaring. Measures are done to decrease incidents of burn out and increase in turnover of employees.

That is why team building activities are designed to target intents such as to establish clear lines of communications, rapport and camaraderie, learn to troubleshoot problems and to develop trust among colleagues. It hastens the process of forging a meaningful partnership, improving work culture and relations too. Many individuals find their future mate, friends in the workplace, but the process takes time. It will not hurt if a little push like team building activities go into play.

 Team building activities are designed either for indoor or outdoor – action-filled, or as simple as throwing in collaborative puzzles, two truths and a lie, trivia, scavenger hunts, classification games like how many are bubble milk tea or coffee drinkers, or a variation like who is and what are the unlikely pairs –fire and ice, naughty and nice etc. 

And no team building activity would sound corny or become tad boring if infused with more hilarity and glee.

While colleagues get down and dirty in muddy puddles, a boss cheers and jests on the side or a group of workmates completes a game relay; let a roaming photographer snap away all these candid shots. And little by little piece all these fun memories together in a Photo Mosaic Wall both digital and physical so everyone can see where they are in the piece and contemplatively be reminded they are a vital part of the company.

Photo Mosaic Wall Melbourne

Grab hold of that Mr. or Ms. Sportsman and new friends pose in front of the camera. The choice photo booth hire is crucial, but the best options are the Mirror Photo Booth or the Pylon Photo Booth.

There are props that the bunch could use –sunstaches, wigs, hats, costumes and superhero paraphernalia to make the photo experience more enjoyable.

Loads of laughter and bonding moments could be made while taking photos and having games with the photo booth –pong, tic tac toe, and connect games. Print as many copies of the photos or send it to newfound friends that are no longer simple colleagues.

Team Building Melbourne activities will not fall short of the adrenaline rush, more than the games there is photo entertainment specialist that has a photo mosaic wall, Pylon and Mirror Photo Booths put in the can all the fun! Contact us for availability.