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Why A Micro Wedding May Be The Perfect Choice For You

Wedding photo booth Melbourne service – It is an exciting time in your life when you are starting planning your wedding. You have heaps of options available to you that it can be difficult to choose on the right one. If you are planning on holding a smaller wedding but do not really want to elope or plan an overseas wedding, then a micro wedding reception may be the perfect choice for you. They have smaller numbers of guests, typically between 20-30 friends and family.

Micro weddings receptions tend to be the right choice for couples who do not wish to have all the usual trimmings of a traditional ceremony as well. While you may still have the traditional romantic vow exchange, you can take out any other part you like for a shorter wedding ceremony. You might not be the couple that likes the more formal settings, and this can be where a micro wedding will fit you well. The reception will be more chilled, and you are much more able to mingle and enjoy your friends and family since you will not have hundreds in attendance.

For the couples who worry about the budget, a micro wedding tends to be much more affordable than a huge wedding, plus they are environmentally friendly as well. Bookings for our wedding photo booth Melbourne service – click here

Planning A Micro Wedding Is Not As Stressful.

Planning a larger wedding often leads to lots of stress and it makes it really hard to just enjoy the process leading up to your special day. If you are not planning on having many friends and family anyway, a micro wedding means alot less stress in planning & organizing everything.

For example, you will have more choices for where you can hold the wedding as it is smaller and you will not need a large wedding reception room or large winery. Instead, you could pick a smaller vineyard and get married among the vines, or a river cabin, a hotel near the beach or even a park setting.

Your friend’s list can be made smaller to just the closest of family and friends. This will make for a more intimate wedding in which only the people who are truly invested in your happiness are here to share the joy. This also means that it may save you some money. You will not have to spend too much of the budget on wedding gifts and in fact, you may even want to make them yourself.

You can save money on centrepieces, the flowers to decorate the wedding venue Melbourne with, as well as the bridal party bouquets. Plus, if you are able to make them yourself, you will be add something special to your wedding day because you were able to give them the personal touch. You may want to have a party with your bridal party to create the arrangements together. It will make for an awesome bonding experience.

Don’t Forget The Food And Entertainment.

Even though micro weddings are smaller in size, it does not mean you can not still have a yummy five-star meal prepared for you. In fact, you can have an amazing meal at a much cheaper cost due to the smaller amount of guests you invited. You can pick to support a small business operator and pick a caterer who will make your meals for a good price.

If you would like, you can also do the catering yourself. This is an awesome idea if you love to cook or have somebody in the family who does. 

Cooking together can bring friends and family closer and can create happy memories for many years to come. You do not even need to make traditional & more formal food if you do not want to. You can have a nice BBQ or even pick up everybody’s favourite meals from the local restaurant.

Just because it is a micro wedding does not mean you can not have a bit of fun. You can create a theme for the wedding that your friends and family will love. They can dress in costumes from your favourite movie, pick a theme based on your favourite era, and everyone wears the clothing from that time period, or even make a mystery theatre type reception.

Another exciting and entertaining thing you might look at doing for the wedding reception Melbourne is to hire a photo booth. You can pick an unattended photo booth (we do not recommend this option) or one with an attendant or more, depending on how extravagant you would like to go with it. You can choose between different packages and even mix and match fun props and cool backdrops to entertain your friends and family. If you like, you may want to keep the fun going over the whole weekend and plan to hire the wedding photo booth Melbourne for the weekend.

A micro wedding reception is an awesome option for those who want to spend their special day with only their loved ones and to celebrate in the best way they know-how.

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