Wedding Photo Booth Yarra Valley – Weddings With The Mirror Booth

The grand niche for fine dining and delectable food products, teeming wild life and beacon light for wineries… This is Yarra Valley and it is the next best thing as well for your wedding destination. More like the choice for your reception with its line of restaurants, gardens and venues.

To capture your precious moments here is such a delight and we have just the right Wedding Photo Booth Yarra Valley Package for that. The Mirror Photo Booth ready for hire!

Let us give you five reasons not to miss this opportune time to hire our Photo Booth at your wedding:

  • Conversely we have an amazing team to transport, assemble, disassemble it for you. We have an attendant that untiringly aid walk in guests may they be young or young at heart and queries are entertained with tact and in a genial way.
  • The mirror booth is fun and spontaneous. Ours is a photo booth that contains games such as Pong Games, Tic-tac-toe, Mannequin Challenge and Scream Contests to amuse your guests. We also print on the side while some guests take turns in front of the camera. Furthermore, we can help in sending your photos via SMS.
  • We bring props and other stuff to enhance your photo booth experience and bring out the hilarity.
  • We roll out the venue for your socialization with your family, friends and guests.
  • Wherever we are, we leave our clients and patrons with a smile across their faces.

In fact, we have been at Immerse Winery recently where satisfied clients after their sumptuous meals line at our Mirror Photo Booth. Immerse has been acclaimed as a restaurant with grandiose overlooking winery and garden and luckily we have dressed our Mirror Photo Booth accordingly to its rustic vibe. Our grass carpet, picket fences stood out midst the shabby chic beauty of Immerse and its glorious landscape. And the next time we would be in a wedding at the Yarra Valley, hopefully that would be your own!