Wedding Photobooth Melbourne is one of the most important must-haves at any wedding reception, whether it is a cocktail wedding or a sit-down meal. It is also important that you must get all the right shots on your special day with your chosen photographer and let the mirror photo booth captures all the fun, and silly shots plus entertainment all at once. That being said, we have listed the ten most important wedding day photo opportunities.

10 Photo Opportunities At Your Wedding
Getting Ready In The Morning

Getting reading in the morning is the first chance you will get to have photos taken on your wedding day. Be sure that your photographer arrives early and has enough time to visit both the bride and the groom without having to rush to the ceremony. There are lots of unmissable shots to be taken before heading to the venue from getting into your dress/suit, opening letters from your other half (tissues and getting your makeup ready!), and popping open a bottle of bubbly wine with your besties.


The moment has arrive, and it is time for you and your partner to say your special vows and commit to each other. Together with your bridal party, you and your partner walk down the aisle to meet the celebrant to start the age-old tradition of a wedding ceremony.

Arriving at the Venue 

The jaw-drop, showstopper moment of the day! You arrive at the venue, and your guests see you for the first time at the reception. This is the perfect time to get more photos of you and your partner and the bridal party, making a grand entrance into the building. Why not add Fireworks on the mix at your grand entrance as newlyweds?

The Kiss 

Little peck, thrown over your partner’s knee… as much as we’re all for doing whatever feels natural, it’s definitely worth having an idea of what your partner has in mind for your kiss. Do you want a photo of your guests behind you smiling as you and your partner lock lips? Or maybe you want a more intimate picture of just you and your partner together.

The Wedding Party

This is a great chance to reenact some stage photos you might have seen and also get some silly, more playful shots bringing in yours and your partner’s personalities. Because these photos are outside of the ceremony itself, you can really get involve with the photographer helping direct and position your wedding party.

Planned Photos

Planned photos are great for ensuring you get all the perfectly positioned pictures of your wedding day. However, when it comes to having some fun, nothing beats a mirror photo booth. The mirror photo booth is great fun, and with all the latest technology you and the guests will have a blast, not to mention you will have a stack of photos to look back on as memories of your special day.

The Little ones

The little ones always make great photos throughout your wedding day ceremony and reception.

First Dance

The dry ice is flowing across the dance floor, and the indoor fireworks are set and ready to go off at the right moment during your first dance. The song that you picked has started to play, and you begin your first dance in front of all your family and loved ones.

Cake Cutting       

The traditional cake cutting is also an excellent photo opportunity to look back. Make sure that your photographer captures this particular moment. 

The Dance Floor 

A good DJ will have the dance floor packed with guests, and I believe it is a good idea to make sure your photographer stays until the end and captures all the fun. Especially if you are doing a sparkler and fireworks exit, then you will want to keep this extraordinary moment in photo form to remember the moment.

Wedding Photobooth Melbourne

Let our Wedding Photobooth Melbourne take care of the fun! 

While your photographer captures all these special moments, our Photo Booth will capture those moments shared by your guests while having fun. In fact, Photo Booths are all about fun and entertainment, and they are also a good ice breaker for your guests. 

You can choose from our Wedding Photobooth Melbourne; both are amazing in their own way. 

  • Mirror Photo Booth – A magical interactive photo experience with a full-length mirror that offers a sleek design, voice guide and animations, and can be styled with a rustic theme, red carpet Hollywood style and many more. 
  • Pylon Photo Booth – This sensational modern style photo booth has colourful animations, GIF feature, RGBW Led Light and roaming mode that is everyone’s favourite feature. 

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Wedding Photobooth Melbourne
Wedding Photobooth Melbourne