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When planning your big day, you want your wedding to stand out above the rest and you need to be aware of what colour schemes, entertainment ideas and bridal flowers are in this year. With two royal marriages in 2018, some aspects of these weddings have highly influenced the trends for this year.

Barns are in for venues and the rustic theme has come back. Wineries are still very popular and industrial spaces are gaining in popularity. Also Outdoor ceremonies are back with a “Boho” theme to them. Another big trend is plastic-free weddings. As for colors, pink and pastel colours are in as well as rustic greens and browns.

As far as wedding entertainment goes the trends are the Mirror Photo Booth, Photo Mosaic Wall which is fairly new but becoming more and more popular and we are seeing singing waiters more and more at weddings too.

The Mirror Photo Booth

The mirror photo booth is the biggest trend of all to hit the wedding industry and it has become the most popular choice for photo booth at any wedding. With features such as sign and stamp, SMS photo to phone and its ability to print photos makes it an excellent choice for your wedding reception. The mirror photo booth also talks to you as well as having nice neon animations that could give you and your guests compliments. Our mirror photo booth comes with guest album for guest messages and a copy of the photo as well as we send all digital copies to you afterwards. We also offer four choices in frames from gold, silver, black to our rustic mirror photo booth frame.

The Mosaic Wall

The mosaic wall is a fairly new trend to hit the wedding scene and we are all over it. Our photo mosaic wall is heaps of fun allowing guests to take their own photos and use the special hashtag on Twitter or Instagram to send photos to our printer. We also have a roaming photographer taking photos. Once photos hit the printer they also come with a special code. Match the code to the square on the big mosaic wall and help create one big picture of the bride and groom made up of little pictures of all the guests.

Singing Waiters

Singing waiters are becoming popular and while we do not provide this service we think the idea is super cool. We love seeing guests get their food served while the waiter is singing a song. Very entertaining and lots of fun for you and all your guests.

Fairy Floss

Fairy floss has become the new trend for 2019 in UK and America and is slowly hitting Australia. We have our very own fairy floss cart which can be hired for two hours with operator and can be used for desert time or for cocktail hour before the reception starts. One thing brides like to do is instead of paying for a bouquet of flowers, toss a stick of fairy floss instead. Something different and super fun.

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