Yarra Valley Photo Booth Hire – Having A Party? Get a Quote!

Guess what? Yarra Valley in stored for you the best venues for your parties! With that said, we have availed for you front row tickets to an absolutely grand photo booth entertainment experience! The best Yarra Valley Photo Booth Hire Mirror Booth is the fuel to your party ensemble.

Our Mirror Photo Booth is a revolutionary photo booth that considers your specific spatial needs; cushy and fitting to any space because of its functional design. And if you received the memo already, must you know that it has a clean-cut exterior too that is worthy of contemplation of the crowd. It has conversant and all-round features such as high definition photography, sharp printing quality printer on the side, SMS for your any Social Media miscellaneous. It also has features of panache – custom layout for your event, swagger themes for each occasion, stamping and signing for personalised photos. In addition, it has appealing interactive games that will bring the fun to your party!

Need A Quote Or More Questions?

Wherever you are so long as your Wi Fi ready, we accommodate queries and in minutes provide you with a relevant quotation. We assure you that in a jiffy, our Customer Service personnel is friendly and promptly answer your questions. No leaving your work station or have that long drive to reach us because we value your time as much as we are so pleased to hear from you.

An added bonus is that when we take our Mirror Photo Booth to your parties and other events such as balls, fundraisers , corporate events, birthday bash and wedding at the Yarra Valley we do not charge for travel fee. Know that transporting our equipment – we do not have additional fee!

Your party and events will be an all time stunner and that vision will be a reality with the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne so book us now. We definitely like to party with you!