Yarra Valley Photo Booths – Photo Entertainment For Your Wedding

Yarro-yarro or the misnamed Yarra whichever word to write about… It all boils down to the “ever flowing” illustriousness of the Yarra Valley. And just like the affluent World Civilizations such as Egypt with its Nile, Tigris and Euphrates within the recesses of the world cradle of civilization Mesopotamia this mighty river has been one of Melbourne’s life and blood.

The river snakes through 242 kilometres west through the Yarra Valley and empties into the Hobson Bay. It has been a precursor for indigenous peoples’ fishing activities. Additionally, its valley is a womb for teeming agriculture and a lore for relentless expansionists’ playground especially that of European settlers.

Today, canoeing, kayaking and rowing are front-line recreational activities that you could usually settle if you are the sport-minded type. However, the Yarra River Valley make a pitch for in the cards, their wedding venues.

Manors, Estates, Wineries, Restaurants, Vineyards and Country Clubs line the beautiful Yarra River Valley. These venues includes Vines of the Yarra Valley, Oakridge Wines, Immerse Winery, Divino Ristorante at Mandala Wines. Definitely, these venues serves you a well deserved glass of sparkling wine and delectable mouthwatering dishes.

In addition, along the rolling hills, De Bortolli Yarra Valley Estate gives you a piece of Italy with their Italian Menu course. On the other hand, Lyrebird Falls, a boutique Wedding Venue bedecked at pompous greenery you can choose from a gazebo, a chapel or green garden ceremony. However, If you are up for a Tudor Style venue you can go to Marybrooke Manor. It is certainly a slick place for your intimate wedding or any formal event.

Immerse yourself in Yarra Valley and the list of wedding venues is promising.

Mirror Booth – Your #1 Yarra Valley Photo Booths For Hire

But to have that 365 degree turn around for your Yarra Valley wedding dub an unequalled entertainment to it. The Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne is a good photo booth entertainment for your Yarra Valley Wedding as it conciliates our perpetual love for photos and our modern liking for all out interaction.

Just like Yarra Valley, the Mirror Booth marries the old with the new. This Yarra Valley Photo Booths value memories and capturing them is priceless and the experience it brings. Overall, its socialization through games, SMS, signing and stamping options and features are endless!

Let the photos of Yarra Valley wedding be as ever flowing and limitless through the Yarra Valley Photo Booths Mirror Booth alongside with a good Yarra Valley DJ on your side.